Easy Dice Games For Celebrations

easy dice games

Easy Dice Games For Celebrations

To keep your guests happy for hours at a time, consider some of the most fun and easy dice games for celebrations. There are also some very good party game ideas for children as well.

Pirates of the Caribbean, which originated in England but later became popular in the United States, is another popular game. Here you roll all the dice (except one) and see what group of dice lands on the Pirate flag. Then everyone takes a drink and everyone takes turns saying the words “I’ll take that!”

Another fun game for a family celebration is the game of Clue. The player who makes the most Clue clues wins.

Another great party game idea for kids is Scrabble. Each player gets three cards, with the same name, letters and points. You may use two of each kind of letter in this game. When you hear a word, look at the card you see to see what word is on it and say the word in between each letter of the word, making sure there is an even number of letters between the words.

The dice games also are great for children. One of my favorite games is called Candyland. All you do is put coins on the table with a single player and you roll the dice and try to match the colors to match the color wheels on the candy machine.

These are just a few party games that are always fun and easy to play. There are also some great party games ideas for children as well.

For example, a lot of people love the game of mahjong. In this game you have several tiles and you have to place matching tiles into a pattern to form a row, column or diagonal. The player with the most tiles at the end wins.

A great party game is also named “Chinese checkers.” This is actually a game called “Chess” but it’s much different. For this game you put two people, with opposite colored pieces, in a ring formation and each player checks every other’s piece and then pushes their own piece off the top.

One of my favorite easy games ideas is called Go Fish. You start by having one person take a row and you roll all the dice. Players take turns trying to move to the left.

Whoever rolls all the tiles to the right wins and they move to the next position. It’s a lot of fun and easy to play.

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